Ref #TitleP-InvestigatorSubmitted-DateCo-InvestigatorSupervisorArea-Of-ResearchDocument SourceDecision-DateStatus
971Maternal and fetal outcome of placenta previa accretaDr. Yumna Javaid11/11/2021Dr. Fatima ShahDr Fariha Khaliq KhanObs & GynaeFMH Medical24/01/2022Pending
972Accuracy of biophysical profile versus modified biophysical profile in determining out come in pregnancy induced hypertension.Dr. Saima Gul11/11/2021Prof. Rubina IqbalObs & GynaeFMH Medical18.01.2022Accepted
973Feeding And oral hygiene practices in preschool children in Lahore PakistanDr. Mannal Sohail21/11/2021Dr. Faiza Fatima ChisttiProf. Amjad H WyneMedicalFMH Medical24.12.2022Accepted
974Comparison between faculty and students of their perception of E- learning classes: a cross- sectional study of Universities in Lahore.Dr. Faiza Fatima Chistti22/11/2021Dr. Mohsin KamalDr. Bilal Abdul Qayum MirzaMedical EducationNone FMH24/12/2021Accepted
975Giant tubular adenoma of breast in a young nulliparous female: A case report.Dr. Ghazia Qasmi01/12/2021Dr. Shahid MahmoodSurgeryNone FMH24/12/2021Accepted
976Comparative analysis of knowledge, attitude and practices about homeopathy among medical and non-medical students of Lahore.Dr. Sumara Rashid01/12/2021Dr. Saleha AzeemMedical EducationFMH Medical04.03.2022Accepted
977Comparison of the efficacy of clomiphene citrate alone versus clomiphene citrate plus metformin in achieving ovulation in patients with anovulatory infertility.Dr Namra Ashfaq13/12/2021Prof. Rubina IqbalObs & GynaeFMH MedicalCancelled
978Therapeutic effects of customized ora caremed mouthwash on oral lichen planus patients reporting at oral medicine clinic at tertiary care hospital.Dr. Salima Naveed Manji13/12/2021Dr Maria NoorOral medicineFMH Dental11-05.2022Accepted
979Predictors of parental disciplinary practices and their intergenerational transmission in an urban city of Pakistan.Zaheen Fatima13/12/2021Dr. Samia BatoolPsychiatryFMH Medical04.03.2022Accepted
980Booking maternal BMI as a predictor of adverse neonatal outcome.Dr. Zahid Anwar13/12/2021Dr. Andleeb KanwalNeonatologyFMH MedicalIn Review
981A survey on knowledge and perception of male infertility among infertile male population.Dr. Muhammad Nabeel Shahid20/12/2021Prof. Khaleeq ur RehmanDr. Tahir Mehmood KhanUrology & AndrologyNone FMH18/01/2022Accepted
982Diagnostic validity of cone beam computed tomography versus periapical radiograph in root canal treatment failure cases.Dr. Saood Khan Lodhi15/12/2021Dr. SarooshaEhsanOperative dentistryFMH Dental11.05.2022Accepted
983Clinical characteristics, comorbidities and outcome of critically sick patients with COVID-19 pneumonia admitted in intensive care unit of a tertiary care hospital in Lahore, Pakistan: A retrospective cohort studyDr. Aijaz Zeeshan Khan Chachar27/12/2021Dr. Mohsin AsifProf. Khurshid A KhanMedicineFMH Medical12/01/2022Accepted
984Hirsutism and depression in polycystic ovarian syndrome.Dr. Naveed Shehzad Ahmad07/01/2022Dr. Arzinda FatimaMedicineNone FMH16.02.2022Accepted
985Assesment of lifestyle profile and perception of barriers to healthy lifestyle among young nursing students.Shamsa Rafique07/01/2022Dr. Mansoor GhaniCommunity medicineNone FMH08.03.2022Accepted
986Covered bladder exstrophy epispadias complex with two abdominal cavities: A Case Report.Dr Muhammad Ali Tahir04/01/2022Prof Khalid MaqsoodPeads SurgeryFMH Medical12/01/2022Accepted
987Prevalence of asthenopia in individual reported during Covid-19 at tertiary care hospital.Bushra Tahir03/12/2021Ms. Manzara ShaheenOptometryFMH Allied15/12/2021Accepted
988Association of cataract with type II diabetes mellitus.Sara Iqbal13/12/2021Muhammad Hamza NajamOptometryFMH Allied15/12/2021Accepted
989Frequency of amblyopia in strabismic patients at tertiary care hospitalMaryam Fida03/12/2021Ms. Nabila ZulfiqarOptometryFMH Allied15/12/2021Accepted
990Prevalence of anisometropia in myopes and hypermetropic individuals.Hafeez-ur-Rahman03/12/2021Ms. Nabila ZulfiqarOptometryFMH Allied15/12/2021Accepted
991Prevalence of dry eye in screen reported during COVID-19 at tertiary care hospital.Ayesha Jabbar03/12/2021Ms. Manzara ShaheenOptometryFMH Allied15/12/2021Accepted
992Occurrence of allergic conjunctivitis in medical students using visual display terminals.Rooma Farman03/12/2021Muhammad Hamza NajamOptometryFMH Allied15/12/2021Accepted
993Tinnitus severity and quality of life in audit patients with and without hearing loss.Alishba Azam01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
994Hearing threshold levels in normotensive and hypertensive patients.Hejab Sarfaraz14/12/2021Miss Faiza MushtaqAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
995Exploring hearing and handling skills in school going children with behind the ear hearing Aid.Farzana Mazhar01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
996Effects of cochlear implantation on communication, self-reliance socialization and education: A parental perspective.Mahrukh Mahmood01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
997Effects of listening loud music on hearing in college studentsArooj Sadiq01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
998Hearing screening of children using audiotory brainstem responseZarosha Dawood01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
999Effects of early and late hearing aids fitting in children with congenital bilateral moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss.Faiza Mukhtar01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
1000A cross Sectional Study of Knowledge and attitude of Medical Students towards hearing loss, hearing health & protectionSyeda Farah Zahid01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
1001Pure Tone hearing profiles in school going children with otitis media with effusionMuhammad Saad01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
1002Association of knowledge with quality of life in women with gestational diabetes.Ayesha Mahrukh07/01/2022Ms. Rattan Kaur ChawlaHuman NutritionNone FMH16/02/2022Accepted
1003Effect of Minipuberty on Growth of External Genetelia in Healthy Full Term Male Babies Born in a Tertiary Care Hospital Setting of Pakistan.Dr. Hania Anjum19/01/2022Dr. Muhammad UsmanPediatric MedicineFMH Medical04.04.2022Accepted
1004DMFT score and its association with the socioeconomic status in urban population of Gujranwala and Lahore.Dr. Ayesha Irfan19/01/2022Dr. Irum NazDentistryFMH Dental04.04.2022Accepted
1005Double Blind randomized control trail determining effectiveness of CBCT with two different contrast agents(Gastrografin and with liquid e.z paque 60% liquid) in clinical diagnosis of cracked tooth syndrome.Dr. Memona Amin21/01/2022Dr. Saroosh EhsanOperative DentistryFMH Dental23.08.2022Accepted
1006Receptiveness of dental personnel towards medical emergencies in dental operatory.Dr. Hunain Emran26/01/2022Dr. Amenah Shahbir, Dr. Noor F Ahmed, Dr. Mayra NasarDr. Asim RiazDentistryFMH Dental10/02/2022In Review
1007The factors impacting mentorship relation amongst dental undergraduates and house officers at Fatima Memorial Dental Hospital.Dr. Maria Noor26/01/2022Dr. Salima Naveed ManjiProf. Abid AsharOral MedicineFMH Dental10/02/2022In Review
1008Effect of turmeric ( curcuma longa) & vitamin E on sperm morphology in varicocele patients.Sabah Mahmood02/02/2022Prof. Khaleeq ur RehmanProf. Saghir Ahmad JafriNutritionNone FMH19.04.2022Accepted
1009Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy among Cirrhotics; A Cross Sectional Clinico-Epidemiological Multi-Centre Registry in Patients of Pakistan. The PREEMPT Registry.Dr. Bushra Ali02/02/2022Dr. Raja Ikram ul HaqGastroenterologyFMH Medical16/02/2022Accepted
1010Efficacy of longer wave length in managing amblyopia.Dr. Muhammad Suffyan Aneeq Ansari16/02/2022Dr. Khurram NafeesOphthalmologyNone FMH09.05.2022Accepted
1011"My premie's plate": Knowledge and practices of complementary feeding in preterm infants.Dr. Rafia Gul21/02/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical27.04.2022Accepted
1012Myths, Knowledge and practices of complementary feeding: a descriptive analysisDr. Rafia Gul21/02/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical07.07.2022Accepted
1013Knowledge and understanding regarding venous Knowledge and understanding regarding venous thromboembolism prophylaxis among the medical students, interns and residents: a multi-institutional study from Pakistan.Dr. Ahsan Zil E Ali21/02/2022Dr. Syed Muhammad Hammad AliProf. Asim MalikMedical EducationFMH Medical04/03/2022Accepted
1014Dental graduates' opinions regarding dental school learning environment, readiness to practice and various aspects of currently implemented dental curriculum.Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz23/02/2022Prof. Abid AsharMedical EducationFMH Dental05/04/2022Accepted
1015Levels of anti-apolipoprotien A1 autoantibodies in patients of rheumatoid arthritis and healthy controls.Dr. Aisha Kiran23/02/2022Dr. Muhammad HaroonDr. Romeeza TahirRheumatologyNone FMH09.05.2022Accepted
1016Characteristics of carbapenem resistant neonatal sepsisDr. Zahid Anwar02/03/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical04.04.2022Accepted
1017Neonatal sepsis due to klebsiella pneumonae - clinical profile, sensitivity & mortality.Dr. Zahid Anwar02/03/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical14.06.2022Accepted
1018Leriche Syndrome with Digital Gangrene: Is Aortic Bypass Grafting Safe In Injection Drug Abusers? A Case Report and Literature ReviewDr. Syed Muhammad Hammad Ali02/03/2022Prof. Asim MalikSurgeryFMH Medical04/03/2022Accepted
1019Characteristics of hyponatremia in newbornsDr. Sidra Hamayoon04/03/2022Dr. Zahid AnwarNeonatologyFMH Medical20-12-2022Accepted
1020Impact of medical TV shows on the surgical knowledge of non- healthcare students in Lahore, Pakistan.Dr. Sumaira Rashid11/03/2022Saleha AzeemMedical EducationFMH Medical19/04/2022Accepted
1021Perceptions of character strengths among students and faculty: a mixed methods studyDr. Farhat ul Ain08/04/2022Dr. Muhammad Talha ZahidMedical EducationFMH Medical14.06.2022Accepted
1022Frequency, outcome and associated clinical feature of early acute kidney injury in neonates admitted in NICU of tertiary care set up.Dr. Sidra Hamayoon31/03/2022Dr. Hania AnjumDr. Zahid AnwarNeonatologyFMH Medical25.08.2022Accepted
1023Cardiorespiratory complications in neonates born to diabetic mothers.Dr.Fahad Iqbal27/03/2022Dr. Zahid AnwarNeonatologyFMH Medical15-03-2023Accepted
1024Characteristic of metabolic profile in neonates born to diabetic mothers in tertiary care set up of Pakistan.Dr. Zubda Chaudhary27/03/2022Dr. Zahid AnwarNeonatologyFMH Medical05.08.2022Accepted
1025Postnatal outcome of antenatally detected malformations in a tertiary care Centre..Dr. Faiza Yasin29/03/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical14.06.2022Accepted
1026Frequency of congenital malformations in setting of tertiary care centreDr. Faiza Yasin29/03/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical05.08.2022Accepted
1027Variation in number of root canals in maxillary second premolar.Minahil Asif, Fatima Shahzad, Nida Idress, Ali Hassan, Amara Hussain14/03/2022Dr. Shaher BanoDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1028Effect of tobacco Smoking on salivary pH in Adults.Sajjal Naeem, Ayesha Waris, Maryam Naseem, Jannat Mustafa29/03/2022Dr. Nedal IqbalDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1029Knowledge comparison of Antibiotics resistance in medical & dental health professionals.Irfah Shahid, Sumbal Tanveer, Khadija Aslam, Aimen Abrar, Ammal Ruqayya14/03/2022Dr. Maha TanvirDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1030Is periodontitis a risk factor in oral squamous cell carcinona?Kainat Arif, Talha Kathia, fatima Farooq, fatima Akhtar, Bakhtawar Fatima30/03/2022Dr. Ayesha IrfanDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1031Periodontitis and its association with premarignant lesionsAnssa Zahra, Muhammad Ahmed, Khadija Wasi, Ayesha Imran, Mahnoor Syed Shahzad14/03/2022Dr. Afshan HussainDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1032Awareness among patients visiting general hospital about oral cancer etiology and clinical presentation.Usman Ghani, Kashf Imran, Afraz Naeem, Danish Bhatti, Momina Sajid14/03/2022Prof. Abid AsharDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1033Effectiveness of oral hygiene training on the oral health: primary school children based interventionMaleeha Zamir, Zoha Aqil, Abbass Raza Zaidi, Zartash Shaukat, Amna Shahid, Muhammad14/03/2022Dr. Muhammad ImtiazDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1034Malpractice in emerging dentisits during the covid-19 period.Wardah Kareem, Noor Fatima, Ezzah Imran, Mahnoor Waheed, Muhammad\ Salar Hassan14/03/2022Dr. Maria NoorDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1035To assess knowledge and practice of 3D printing among the dentists of Lahore.Abdur Rehman Shahid, Maheen Goryyah14/03/2022Dr. Nouman A NoorDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1036Changes in dietary habits of students after enrollment into medical collage and its impact on their quality of life and BMI.Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Maheen Fatima, Khansa Kalsoom, Maimoona Chaudhary, Muhammad Abubakar, Faizan Ali14/03/2022Dr. Mohsin KamalDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1037Knowledge and practice of interdwnal clearing aids among dental students of fatima memorial dental hospital.Amina Saeed, Tahneyat Sadia, Anas Iqbal, Sania Saeed, Sharaiz Zargham31/03/2022Prof. Khurram AttaullahDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1038Effact of social media on oral health awareness.Anmol Asad, Arfa Naveed, Maham, Nabiha, Abdullah, Maria14/03/2022Dr. Saima ZahidDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1039Management preferance of deep caries lesions among dentists in Lahore.Amna Shafiq, Rafia, Arina Atif14/03/2022Dr. Saroosh EhsanDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1040Oral hygiene among patients receiving fixed orthodontic treatment.Issha Shahid, Yusra Amin, Hammad Ali14/03/2022Prof. Faisal IzharDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1041Incidence of temporomandibular joint problems amongst midical and dental students due to exam related stress in fatima memorial collage of medicine and dentistry.Wisha Mubeen, Mariyam Khalid, Aliza Kamran14/03/2022Prof. Faisal IzharDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1042Prevalence of nomophobia and its associated factors among medical students of a private medical college, Lahore.Aniq Saleem01/04/2022Hafsa Asad, Maham ShahzadProf Seema HasnainCommunity MedicineFMH Medical09.05.2022Accepted
1043What, when and how children should be feed: Core knowledge assessment about complementary feeding among health care workers.Dr. Rafia Gul06/04/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical05.08.2022Accepted
1044Incidence, risk factors and outcome of AKI in preterm neonates admitted to NICU.Dr. Rafia Gul06/04/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical05.08.2022Accepted
1045Association of maternal pre pregnancy BMI, weight gain during pregnancy with birth outcomes.Laiba Azeem07/04/2022Nimra Kashif, Kashaf RazzaqMs. Ayesha SaeedNutritionNone FMH14.06.2022Accepted
1046Impact of training health care providers on coverage and quality of postnatal care.Dr. Afshan Ambreen27/04/2022Dr. Farhat ul ainMs. Maha YounisMedical EducationFMH Medical09.05.2022Accepted
1047Frequency of Skeletal Metastasis on 18f-FDG PET-CT with Negative CT PET-CT at INMOL.Mariam Fayyaz03/12/2021Dr. Muhammad Mnumair YounisMITFMH Allied19/05/2022Accepted
1048Diagnostic Accuracy of 18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography in the Evaluation of Carcinoma of Unknown Primary.Umal Baneen Zahra03/12/2021Dr. Muhammad Mnumair YounisMITFMH Allied19/05/2022Accepted
1049Role of Angiography Procedure for Assessment the Type of Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Children under 18.Shanzay Saeed29/12/2021Rimsha BadarMITFMH Allied19/05/2022Accepted
1050Pattern of sleep quality among medical students, its determinants and its impact on their academic performance in a private medical collage, Lahore.Soha Saif10/05/2022Prof. Seema HasnainMedical EducationFMH Medical14/06/2022Accepted
1051Frequency of congenital heart disease in a tertiary care neonatal unit.Zunaira Naeem Malik05/06/2022Dr. Ayesha SiddiqueDr. Zahid AnwarNeonatologyFMH Medical16/05/2022In Review
1052Factors affecting seroma formation and increased drain out put after modified radical mastectomy and after breast conservation surgery: a retrospective analysis of female breast cancer patients operated in a tertiary care hospital Lahore, Pakistan.Dr. Ghazia Qasmi16/05/2022SurgeryNone FMH05.08.2022Accepted
1053Nutritional status and beliefs of pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus.Abdul Wahab16/05/2022Atika MasoodNutritionNone FMH16/05/2022Cancelled
1054Investigating the adverse effects and perceptions of most commonly administered covid-19 vaccines in Pakistani population.Dr. Marriam Sheraz16/05/2022Dr. Naif Usman SaigolFamily MedicineFMH Medical21.10.2022Accepted
1055Evaluating The Effect of Dietary intake during third trimester on New Born infants weight.FatimaTariq16/05/2022Dr. Saima NazNutritionNone FMHCancelled
1056Role of c-reactive (CPR) in establishing the diagnosis of sepsis in neonates.Dr. Sonia Saleem16/05/2022Dr. Muhammad Affan Arif ButtProf. Rashid AyubNeonatologyNone FMHIn Review
1057Association between maternal health factors and ANC services with birth weight & Anthropometric measurements in the neonates of Lahore.Sam Victor24/05/2022Dr. Ayesha SaeedNutritionNone FMHCancelled
1058Prevalence of alexithymia amongst undergraduate students.Ms. Farah Tiwana02/06/2022Dr. Saima BatoolProf. Imran IjazHaiderPsychiatryFMH MedicalCancelled
1059Dental Students Awareness and attitudes towards patient safety culture in tertiary care dental Hospital.Dr. Memona Amin13/06/2022Dr. Salima Naveed ManjiDr. Muhammad ImtiazDentistryFMH Dental21.10.2022Accepted
1060Level of physical activity in patients with inflammatory arthritis and its association with quality of life.Dr. Zaid Tayyab21/06/2022Dr.Muhammad HaroonRheumatologyFMH Medical27.07.2022Accepted
1061Knowledge and practices of dentists regarding treatment modification done in patients with diabetes.Dr. Saood Khan Lodhi16/06/2022Dr. Ayesha ZubairDr. Saroosh EhsanOperative DentistryFMH Dental06.10.2022Accepted
1062Public and private health facility service availability and readiness assessment for child and newborn health care.Dr. Seema Hasnain27/06/2022Dr. Zahid AnwarMs. Saman TahirCommunity MedicineFMH Medical30/06/2022Accepted
1063Inclusivity measures and awareness of health care providers for people with special need at tertiary care hospitals.Nuram Hashmi, Saba Arshad Ali, Alia Alvi, Eesha Nadeem24/06/2022Dr. Aslam BajwaCommunity MedicineFMH Medical17/06/2022In Review
1064Health Care Seeking Behavior of Medical Students of a Private Medical College, Lahore.Mahnoor Alam, Easha Nadeem,Hareem Sajid, AleezaShahid24/06/2022Hareem SajidDr. Naureen OmarCommunity MedicineFMH Medical01.12.2022Accepted
1065Avascular osteonecrosis in systemic lupus erythematosus a case series analysis of demographic, clinical manifestations, management and outcomes.Dr. Aijaz Zeeshan Khan Chachar24/06/2022Dr. Aijaz Zeeshan Khan ChacharRheumatologyFMH Medical06.10.2022Accepted
1066Knowledge, attitude and practices regarding blood donation among medical students of a private medical college, LahoreAyesha Khalid, Amina Ahmed, Fatima Muhammad Khan, Sana Nazeer, Arslan Yasin, Momina Ali, Javeria Benyamin, Namra Qadeer, Rafia Tahir, Hassan Sarwar, Sara Amin, Zainab Batool, Muhammad Omar Wasim, Ashir Amjad20/07/2022Prof. Seema HasnainCommunity Health ScienceFMH Medical27/07/2022Accepted
1067Malnutrition and its determinants among 6 to 59 months of children visiting pediatrics outpatient department of a private tertiary care hospital, LahoreAadil Rahim, Faraya Butt, Iftikhar Ahmad, Sabahat Safdar, Fatima Shabbir, Amun Mustafa, Zoha Rafaqat, Aqsa Haider, Muhammad Umair Amjad, Zunaira Usman, Sadia Munir, Zaina Tahir, Zara Ali, Hafiz M. Abdullah20/07/2022Prof. Dr Seema HasnainCommunity Health ScienceFMH Medical27/07/2022Accepted
1068Frequency of cephalopelvic disproportion among women undergoing lower segment C-section section in the obstetrics and gynecological department of fatima memorial hospital, LahoreMuhammad Zohaib Zahid, Daniyal M. Amjad But, Zaineb Aslam, Muhammad Ahmad, Minahil Saif, M. Ahmad Hassan Farooq, Israa Asghar, Zahra Ali, Zahra Aslam Bara, Noor Fatima, Arika Nadeem, Sundas Sohail, Hafsa Junaid, Manzar Shafi, Nida Nisar, Hira Khalid, Rohma Afzal, Durr-e-Shahwar Asmat, Tayyaba Sajjid, M. Zain-ul-Hasan, Fizza Mansor, Sara Ayub, M. Shahram Munir, Abdullah Saeed, Hakim Qaisar, Faiqa Amjad, Roha Muhammad Rasalat, Rimsha Zahid, Hamna Ehsan, Abdur Rahim Malik, Usman Shazad, Muhammad Sohaib Babar, Saadoon Ali, Muhammad Shaheer.19/07/2022Dr. Aslam BajwaCommunity MedicineFMH Medical27/07/2022Accepted
1069Relationship between Personality traits and academic performance: Study on students of fatima memorial hospital college of medicine and dentistry, LahoreAisha Javed, Syed Khasham Abbas, Irtiqua Zaheer, Haseeb Ahmed, Aafaq Mazhar, Maham Murtaza, Ayesha Khalid, Jaweria Tanvir, Syed Zoraiz Haider, Nayyar Abbas, Roha Yousaf, Sameen Fatima Zafar, Mian Ammar Farooq, Muhammad Khizar Tariq20/07/2022Dr. Naureen OmarCommunity MedicineFMH Medical27/07/2022Accepted
1070Personal listening device usage and harmful effect: KAP study on medical and dental students of FMHCMD, LahoreMishal Marghoob Butt, Zainab Mustafa, Khazra Noor, Zunaira Seemab, Sara Ali, Ayesha Gull Naeem, Faiza Afzal, Zill-e-Haram, Amina Ramzan, Mahnoor Jathol, Saba Ijaz, Maheen Shaheen, Asghia Noor Butt, Muhammad Mursaleen20/07/2022Dr. Naureen OmarCommunity MedicineFMH Medical27/07/2022Accepted
1071Prevalence of NECR pain among undergraduate medical students and their associated factorsTayyeba, Asif Saeed, Maryam Khalid, Sabika Nadeem, Ameer Hamza, Sahar Ali, Mahnum Nabil, Sana Karim, Muhammad Fareed Khan, Sheharyar Saleem Butt.20/07/2022Dr. Shamaila HassnainCommunity MedicineFMH Medical27/07/2022Accepted
1072Association of menstrual problems & psychological stress in medical studentsAziz-Ullah Khan, Maham Naeem, Umamah Ishaq, Mehdia Nasir, Muhammad Abdullah Farooq, Muhammad Sohaib Babar, Saadoon Ali, Kainat Ashraf, Khubaib Akhtar, Nargis Ahmadzai.20/07/2022Dr. Shamaila HassnainCommunity MedicineFMH Medical27/07/2022Accepted
1073Knowledge and practice of early-career clinicians regarding tetanus immune prophylaxis in trauma patients at LahoreDr. Syed Muhammad Hammad Ali06/09/2022Prof. Asim MalikSurgeryFMH Medical26/09/2022Accepted
1074Prevalence of missed canals on cone beam computed tomography versus periapical radiograph in root canal treatment failure casesDr. Saood Khan Lodhi15/12/2021Dr. Saroosha EhsanOperative DentistryFMH Dental26.09.2022Accepted
1075Pre-operative and post-operative comparison of intraocular pressure changes following phacoemulsificationFatima Javaid12/08/2022Miss Manzara ShaheenMedical EducationFMH Allied26/09/2022Accepted
1076Comparison of myopes and emmetropes having accommodative and convergence insufficienciesAiman Abdul Sattar12/08/2022Miss Manzara ShaheenOptometryFMH Allied26/09/2022Accepted
1077Prevalence of strabismus in pediatrics age group 4-10 years, conducted in FMHAqsa Akram12/08/2022Miss Manzara ShaheenOptometryFMH Allied26/09/2022Accepted
1078Frequency of antibiotic resistance in enteric fever both naïve and treated patients at three tertrary care hospital of lahoreDr.Mmuhammad lyas baig mirza15/08/2022Dr. Abdul RaufDr. Arzinda FatimaMedicineFMH Medical26/09/2022Accepted
1079Comparison of Non-Cycloplegic and cycloplegic autorefraction in children of ge 8-12 yearsFazila Javeed12/08/2022Miss Nabila ZulfiqarOptometryFMH Allied27/09/2022Accepted
1080Prevalence of ocular manifestation in patients with rheumatoid arthritisNoor Irfan12/08/2022Miss Nabila ZulfiqarOptometryFMH Allied27/09/2022Accepted
1081Cycloplegic autorefraction and retinoscopy in children; a comparative studyRubab Yaseen12/08/2022Miss Nabila ZulfiqarOptometryFMH Allied27/09/2022Accepted
1082Comparison of anterior chamber depth before and after cataract surgery by phacoemulsification with IOL implantationNimra Ayoub12/08/2022Muhammad Hamza NajamOptometryFMH Allied27/09/2022Accepted
1083Association of diabetes mellitus and hypertension with types of contractAleena Nadeem12/08/2022Muhammad Hamza NajamOptometryFMH Allied27/09/2022Accepted
1084Association of asthenopic symptoms with untreated presbyopiaZermina Naseem12/08/2022Muhammad Hamza NajamOptometryFMH Allied27/09/2022Accepted
1085Identification of bacterial isolates and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern among patients diagnosed with surgical site infectionsMuskaan Elahi25/07/2022Miss Shamaila HabibMLTFMH Medical27/07/2022Accepted
1086Towards developing a point-of-care sensor for detecting major depressionDr. Imran Cheema28/09/2022Dr. Imran Ijaz HAiderPsychiatryFMH Medical29/09/2022Accepted
1087Outcome of PRP in patients with adhesive capsulitisDr. Syed Moiz Nadeem30/08/2022Abdullah SafdarProf. Safdar Ali KhanOrthopedicFMH Medical04/10/2022Accepted
1088Efficacy of platelet rich plasma in plantar fasciitisDr. Muhammad Awais Latif30/08/2022Prof. Safdar Ali KhanOrthopedicFMH Medical04/10/2022Accepted
1089Evaluation of dental awarness in mother's regarding oral health of childrenDr. Mariam Mahmood04/07/2022Dr. Asim RiazOrthodonticsFMH Dental21.10.2022Accepted
1090prevalenceof ocular manifestation in patients with rheumatoidartritisDr. Syed Abdullah Mazhar23/08/2022Prof. Abdul Majeed MalikOphthalmologyFMH Medical27.09.2022Accepted
1091Prevalence of ocular manifestation in women presetting with gestational diabetes in Fatima Memorial Hospital, LahoreDr. Syed Abdullah Mazhar23/08/2022Prof. Abdul Majeed MalikOphthalmologyFMH Medical06.10.2022Accepted
1092The prevalence of absence of palmaris longus muscle in Punjabi population: an institutional studyDr. William Godfrey27/06/2022Dr. Anum SharifAnatomyFMH Medical21.10.2022Accepted
1093Correlation of lifestyle habits with HBA1c and blood pressure measurements in medical students of PakistanDr. Tariq Waseem18/07/2022Dr. Khurshid KhanAkhter Saeed Medical CollegeFMH Medical21.10.2022Accepted
1094Frequency of electrolyte imbalance in patients admitted with diarrheal and non-diarrheal illness at presentation in pediatric ICUDr. Fizza Yaqoob31/08/2022Dr. Muhammad UsmanPeedsFMH MedicalIn Review
1095Promoting physical activity among adolescent girls through a threefold intervention on fostering home/school/community links in PakistanProf. Seema Hasnain07/10/2022Saman TahirPublic Sector EducationNone FMH10/10/2022Accepted
1096Dentist's perception about the treatment of pregnant femalesKhadija Abbas, Saleha Nayyar, Anna Ali29/09/2022Dr. Faisal izharOperative DentistryFMH Dental16-02-2023Accepted
1097Comparison of efficacy of primary closure versus secondary closure after surgical extraction of mandibular third molarDr. Salar Aamer30/09/2022Dr. Malik Ali Hassan SajidOral & Maxillofacial SurgeryFMH Medical01.12.2022Accepted
1098Maxillary sinus pneumatization following tooth extraction based on CBCT imagingDr. Naima Khalid04/10/2022Prof. Dr. Khurram AtaullahPeriodontologyFMH Dental04-05-2023Accepted
1099Clinical outcomes of patients with dengue fever in a tertiary care hospitalDr. Maham Ashraf07/10/2022Dr.Aijaz Zeeshan Khan ChacharDr. Arzinda FatimaMedicalFMH Medical20-12-2022Accepted
1100Medication Errors in pediatric intensive care unit and measures to improve itDr. Zara Shafqat30/08/2022Dr. Zaib NasirDr. Abid Rafiq ChaudhryNeonatologyFMH Medical21.10.2022Accepted
1101Public awareness of issues related to hearing impairment and benefits of hearing aid usageAuranzaib Jamali14/09/2022Miss Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied16.11.2022Accepted
1102Prevalence of noise induced hearing loss among dental professionalsShanza Abid14/09/2022Miss Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied16-11-2022Accepted
1103Comparison between early and late intervention on language development in hearing impaired childrenTayyaba Shabbir14/09/2022Miss Faiza MushtaqAudiologyFMH Allied16.-11-2022Accepted
1104Association of severity of hearing loss with psychological state of older adultsFajar Jamshaid14/09/2022Miss Faiza RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied16.11.2022Accepted
1105Impact of social and self-stigma on hearing aid rejection in young adultsAimen Arif14/09/2022Miss Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied16.11.2022Accepted
1106Comparison of auditory brainstem response and auditory steady state response thresholds in young childrenMuniba Rasool14/09/2022Miss Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied16.11.2022Accepted
1107Association between consanguineous marriages and hearing loss in childrenFizza Arshad14/09/2022Miss Faiza MushtaqAudiologyFMH Allied16.11.2022Accepted
1108Hearing handicap and speech recognition correlate with self-reported listening effort and fatigueKhadija Ayub14/09/2022Miss Faiza MushtaqAudiologyFMH Allied16.11.2022Accepted
1109Socioeconomic impact of hearing loss in adultsSania Khalil14/09/2022Miss Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied16.11.2022Accepted
1110Screening of hearing loss in school going childrenMuhammad Umar Chaudhary14/09/2022Miss Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied16.11.2022Accepted
1111Acceptance of hearing loss and hearing aids in the patients of presbycusisAfia Jamil14/09/2022Miss Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied16.11.2022Accepted
1112Evaluation of Hearing sensitivity in young adults by using amplification devicesSamra Naz14/09/2022Miss Faiza MushtaqAudiologyFMH Allied16.11.2022Accepted
1113Does pneumoperitoneum cause acute kidney injury during laparoscopic cholecystectomy?Dr. Junaid Khan Lodhi11/10/2022Dr. Saba Tahir BokkariDr. Saima AmjadSurgeryFMH Medical01.12.2022Accepted
1114Efficacy of activities of daily living in children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA)Amna Riaz13/10/2022Prof. Mohammad HaroonDr. Aisha FaridOccupational TherapyFMH MedicalCancelled
1115Nephrotoxic vs. nephroprotective: what is the role of antenatal steroids in preterm neonatesDr. Rafia Gul13/10/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical16-02-2023Accepted
1116 Determining the epidemiology and risk factors of surgical site infections in PakistanRimsha Zahid17/10/2022Arwa Rafique, Dr. Javed Shakir, Dr. Andleeb KanwalProf. Khaliq-ur-RehmanUrologyFMH Medical03-02-2022Accepted
1117Hypoferritinemia witout anemia among reproductive age females: frequency, determinants and treatment outcomesDr. Shehla Akram Javed20/10/2022Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed AkhtarMedicalFMH Medical21/10/2022Accepted
1118Depression in caregivers of patients with bipolar disorderDr. Saima Batool01/09/2022Dr. Farah Tiwanaprof. Dr. Imran Ijaz HaiderPsychiatryFMH Medical21/10/2022Accepted
1120Knowledge and attitude about rabies among people living in a peri-urban area of Nain Sukh, Lahore, Pakistan.Prof. Seema Hasnain24/10/2022Dr. Aslam Bajwa & Dr. Naureen OmarProf. Seema HasnainCommunity MedicineFMH Allied01.12.2022Accepted
1121Impact of team-based learning approach for the teaching of science of dental materials on learning experience and results of 2nd year and 3rd year BDS studentsDr. Aneela Qaisar25/10/2022Dr. Nauman Ahmed NoorDepartment of science of dental materialFMH Dental20-12-2022Accepted
1122Comparison of microhardness, strength and setting time of biodentine with glassionomer cementDr. Aneela Qaisar25/10/2022Dr. Nauman Ahmed NoorDepartment of science of dental materialFMH Dental01.12.2022Accepted
1123General dentists' clinical approach for dental management of patients treated for non-head and neck cancer with chemotherapy/adjuvant medicationsNisa Ahmad Pannu, Usman Arshad, Laiba Imran, Aleena Naveed25/10/2022Prof. Abid Ashar2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental22-12-2022Accepted
1124Bruxism and it's relation with anxiety among medical and dental students of Lahore.Rida Khushnood, Rameen Zubair25/10/2022Dr. Bilal ArshadDr. Faisal Izhar2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental22-12-2022Accepted
1125Incidence of TMPDS in gout patients presenting in Fatima Memorial HospitalFabeeha Chaudhry, Fatima Farooq, Alina Ali, Maryam Javed, Laiba Adil25/10/2022Dr. IqraDr. Maria Noor2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental05-01-2023Accepted
1126Does posterior mandibular dimensions, height and ethnicity plays a role in mandibular third molar impaction: A cross sectional studyfaras Asif, Arooba Iqbal, li Haidar, Shiza Mukhtar, Laiba Fatimah Wajih25/10/2022Dr. Muhammad AmmarDr. Ayesha Irfan Sethi2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental05-01-2023Accepted
1127Prevalence of burnout in medical/dental students with TMDsShahbano Khawaja, Zainab Javed, Aqsa Iqbal25/10/2022Dr. Bilal ArshadDr. Faisal Izhar2nd Year BDS FMHFMH DentalIn Review
1128Level of dental anxiety in childrenAaliyan Saeed, Saad Ashfaq, Nimra Naeem, Rabeesha Kaleem25/10/2022Dr. SabaProf. Dr. Imran Rahber2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental22-12-2022Accepted
1129Effect of diabetes type 2 on periodontal healthSaad Masaud, Rida Fatima, Layba Saeed, Asma Zaheer, Mubarra Shahbaz25/10/2022Dr. Mohsin Kamal2nd Year BDS FMHFMH DentalIn Review
1130Comparison of oral health practices among dental and medical students in FMH college of medicine and dentistryM. Hassan Salman, Fatima Tariq, Hadia Ijaz, Kashaf Shakoor25/10/2022Dr. SamreenDr. Saroosh2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental05-01-2023Accepted
1131Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding dental radiographic safety among dental clinics of Lahore.Fatima Rasool Ghuman, Mehrunnisa Moied, Aleeza NAveed, Afreen Baloch25/10/2022Dr. Haider AminProf. Dr. Zahid Iqbal2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental05-01-2022Accepted
1132Knowledge, awareness and attitude regarding tele-dentistry among the post graduate students at Lahore.Syeda Anoushey Ali, Khair-un-Nisa, Fatima Khalid, Khan Muhammad, Sheroze ahmad25/10/2022Dr. Maha TanvrDr. Faisal Izhar2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental22-12-2022Accepted
1133Comparison of oral hygiene awareness between dental and medical studentsZainab-ul-Ghazali Malik, Abdul Ahad, Muhammad Adnan25/10/2022Dr. Muhammad Ahmad MunirDr. Shaher Bano2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental22-12-2022Accepted
1134Extracurricular activities effect on the academic achievement of dental students Eman Khan, Areeba Shahid, Zainab Khliq, Abdul Malik, Shahvier Rizwan25/10/2022Dr. Salima Naveed ManjiDr. Amina Ahmad2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental03-03-2023Accepted
1135Awareness regarding dental radiography hazards and protection protocols among dental dental students of FMHAman Ayub, Maham Mansoor, Aman Ayub, Karam Fatima, Eshal Imran25/10/2022Dr. Farheen QureshiDr. Khurram Ataullah2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental05-01-2023Accepted
1136Awareness of biomedical waste management amongst dental students of various dental college of LahoreLaiba Rasheed, Haroon Iqbal, Haseeba Muzamil, Areej Rashid, Maryum Rashid25/10/2022Dr. Aneela QaisarDr. Nauman Ahmed Noor2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental05-01-2023Accepted
1137Difference in perception of smile between final year and postgraduate dental studentsSundas Naeem, Munza Haqeeq, Hafsa Zeb, Fizza Fatima Jafri, Mustafa Ayub Khan25/10/2022Dr. Imtiaz2nd Year BDS FMHFMH Dental05-01-2023Accepted
1138ETT CPAP (E-CPAP) for testing readiness for successful extubation in preterm neonates: a 10 minutes storyDr. Rafia Gul31/10/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical08.12.2022Accepted
1139Extubation readiness assessment in preterm neonates: Role of respiratory severity (RSS) and oxygen saturation index (OSI)Dr. Rafia Gul31/10/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical08.12.2022Accepted
1140Frequency and outcomes of acute kidney injury in pediatric intensive care unitDr. Yummnah Lone25/10/2022Dr. Zaib NasirDr. Abid Rafique ChaudharyPeadsFMH Medical17-01-2023Accepted
1141Frequency of ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP), central line associated blood stream infections (CLABSI) and catheter related UTI in PICU – A single center experience from LahoreDr. Aaveza Nazir25/10/2022Dr. Zaid NasirDr. Abid Rafique ChaudharyPeadsFMH Medical17-01-2023Accepted
1142Frequency of hyponatremia in pediatric intensive care unit at a private tertiary care hospital in LahoreDr. Atika Sharif25/10/2022Dr. Hamna ZamanDr. Abid Rafique ChaudharyPeadsFMH Medical17-01-2023Accepted
1143Comparison of the efficacy of preemptive analgesia with non-selective cyclooxygenase inhibitors versus selective cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitors for the relief of pain after surgical extraction of lower third molarsDr. Shiza Samin08/11/2022Dr. Malik Ali Hassan SajidOral & Maxillofacial SurgeryFMH Medical20-12-2022Accepted
1144Comparison of change in the angulation of third molars between extraction versus non-extraction orthodontic casesDr. Fatima Zahid18/11/2022Prof. Muhammad Imran RahbarOrthodonticsFMH DentalIn Review
1145To determine the effect of metabolic risk factors on clinical course and outcome of dengue virus infection patients presenting to tertiary care hospital of Lahore.Dr. Muhammad Aleem18/11/2022Prof. Javaid IqbalMedicalFMH Medical20-12-2022Accepted
1146Hyperuricemia as a risk factor for pre-term delivery in women with pre-eclampsiaShanza Zafar22/11/2022Misbah KhurshidDr. Samina KhurshidGyaneFMH Medical17-01-2023Accepted
1147Correlation of illness self-concept with self-care and glycemic control among diabetic patientsDr. Iram Afzaal23/11/2022Prof. Javed IqbalDr. Saqib RabbaniUHS (Behavioral Sciences)FMH Medical17-01-2023Accepted
1148Evaluation of the relationship between the maxillary sinus floor and the root apices of the maxillary first molar using cone-beam computed tomographic scanningDr. Mudasir Shah24/11/2022Dr. Imran RahbarOrthodonticsFMH MedicalIn Review
1149Red Blood Cell (RBC) alloimmunization in multi-transfused patients of chronic kidney disease (CKD)Dr. Ambreen Kashif29/11/2022Dr. Sadia Taj, Dr. Omer Sabir, Dr. Mubashir Dilawar, Dr. Iqra Munir, Dr. Ayaz Lone, Dr. Qasim AhmedPathologyFMH MedicalIn Review
1150Develop a curriculum on infection prevention & control and patient safety measures for undergraduate medical educationDr. Hina Sohail05/12/2022Dr. Rehan Ahmad KhanMedical EducationFMH Medical03-02-2022Accepted
1151Effect of implementation of cultural competency (CCC) workshop in final year undergraduate dental students at tertiary care hospital, Lahore.Dr. Salima Naveed Manji06/12/2022Dr. Muhammad ImtiazProf. Abid AsharMedical EducationFMH Medical03-02-2022Accepted
1152Frequency of hypokalemia in pediatric ICU patients with diarrhea and their outcome in tertiary care pediatric hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.Dr. Nida Ahmad13/12/2022Dr. Zaib NasirDr. Abid RafiquePeadsFMH MedicalIn Review
1153Frequency of transaminitis in patient with dengue fever in first five days of illnessJaveria Benyamin14/12/2022Sidra AnwaDr. Kamran RaufMedicalFMH Medical04-04-2023Accepted
1154Measurement of maxillary anterior teeth display at rest in different age groups in the dentate of Fatima Memorial Hospital, LahoreDr. Amal Abdul Majid19/12/2022Prof. Zahid IqbalProsthodonticsFMH Dental03-02-2022Accepted
1155Role of chewing gum in bowel restoration after cesarean sectionDr. Asma Qayyum19/12/2022Dr. Asma NazarDr. Fareeha Khaliq KhanGynaeFMH Medical16-02-2022Accepted
1156Incidence of three roots and root cnals in Maxillary first premolarDr. Rai Sadaf Nawaz26-12-2022Dr. Muhammad Ahmad MunirDr. Shaher BanoOral BiologyFMH Medical14-03-2023Accepted
1157Effect of educational intervention on activities of daily living (ADL) and pain intensity among patients with rheumatoid arthritisMiss Razia Begum03/01/2023Miss Shahida IrshadMr. Sarfraz MasihNursingFMH NursingIn Review
1158Comparison of oral hygiene practices between dental, medical and allied health sciences undergraduate studentsAnushey Habib, Ahmed Hafeez, Nabeela Habib03/01/2023Dr. Muhammad Bilal ArshadDentalFMH Dental17-01-2023Accepted
1159Self-perceived halitosis and oral hygiene habits among undergraduate dental studentsQurat-ul-Ain03/01/2023Prof. Faisal IzharDental TechnologyFMH Dental16-02-2023Accepted
1160Assessment of oral hygiene practices among medical and dental studentsMaidah Naeem03/01/2023Prof. Faisal IzharDental TechnologyFMH Dental16-02-2023Accepted
1161Smoking, general and oral health related quality of lifeRana Mehlib Sajjad03/01/2023Prof. Faisal IzharDental TechnologyFMH Dental16-02-2023Accepted
1162Eye safety in dental laboratories -A vital component in personal protective equipmentBilal Shafique03/01/2023Prof. Faisal IzharDental TechnologyFMH Dental16-02-2023Accepted
1163Self-perception of dental esthetics among medical & dental students in Fatima Memorial College of Medicine and Dentistry.Ayesha Rafique03/01/2023Prof. Faisal IzharDental TechnologyFMH Dental16-02-2023Accepted
1164Awareness among students of medical and dental college about the risk factors of oral cancer.Javeria Ali03/01/2023Prof. Faisal IzharDental TechnologyFMH Dental16-02-2023Accepted
1165Frequency of Hemorrhagic and Ischemic Patients Of Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke), diagnosed on CT-ScanSara Sajjad04/01/2023Danial Hanan SheikhRadiologyFMH MedicalIn Review
1166Association between socioeconomic status and oral hygiene in adults in LahoreMuhammad Amir Bhatti03/01/2023Prof. Faisal IzharDental TechnologyFMH Dental16-02-2023Accepted
1167Dengue NS:1 antigen levels in dengue patients: predictors for the severity of thrombocytopenia, transaminitis, appearance of warning signs and length of hospital stay for DSS patientsDr. Aijaz Zeeshan Khan11/01/2023Dr. Fatima Shahid, Dr. SadiaProf. Khurshid Ahmad KhanMedicineFMH MedicalIn Review
1168The association of handgrip strength with clinical outcomes in patents undergoing abdominal surgeries: A pilot studyDr. Syed Muhammad Hammad Ali20/01/2023Prof. Asim MalikSurgeryFMH MedicalIn Review
1169Association of age with the operative time in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy: A single center surveyDr. Syed Muhammad Hammad Ali20/01/2023Prof. Asim MalikSurgeryFMH MedicalIn Review
1170Association of iron deficiency anemia and low fetal birth weightDr. Urma Najeeb23/01/2023Dr. Huma MazharProf. Rubina IqbalGynaeFMH MedicalIn Review
1171Association between high serum uric acid levels and adverse perinatal outcome in preeclamptic womenDr. Aqsa Akram23/01/2023Dr. Asma QayyumProf. Rubina IqbalGynaeFMH MedicalIn Review
1172Fostering clinical reasoning in undergraduate surgery assessments: An exploration of a hybrid case-based "cliniQ" ToolDr. Syed Muhammad Hammad Ali26/01/2023Prof. Asim MalikSurgeryFMH Medical04-05-2023Accepted
1173Enterolithotomy-alone approach in a young female with gallstone ileus: A case report and literature reviewDr. Syed Muhammad Hammad Ali26/01/2023Prof. Asim MalikSurgeryFMH MedicalIn Review
1174Trabecular and mucinous mixed-type ovarian carcinoid arising in na mature cystic ovarian teratoma: A case reportDr. Syed Muhammad Hammad Ali26/01/2023Prof. Asim MalikSurgeryFMH Medical04-04-2023Accepted
1175Clinicopathological characteristics of lupus nephritis in Pakistani population - single centre studyDr. Saadat-Ullah07/02/2023Prof. Rizwan AkhtarProf. Muhammad HaroonRheumatologyFMH Medical09-05-2023Accepted
1176The role of perioperative parameters on predicting acute kidney injury during laparoscopic abdominal surgeryDr. Junaid Khan Lodhi13/02/2023Dr. Saba Tahir BukhariProf. javed ShakirSurgeryFMH Medical03-03-2023Accepted
1177Quality of life and unplanned hospital visits of children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia: A customized intervention through parentsMiss Firdous Hameed13/02/2023Dr. Muhammad UsmanDr. Adnan YaqoobMedicalNone FMH18-04-2023Accepted
1178Detection of primary hepatocellular carcinoma on 18F-FDG PET-CT scanMiss Kiran Arshad23/01/2023Dr. Muhammad Numair YounisMedical Imaging TechnologyFMH AlliedIn Review
1179Frequency of nodal metastasis in carcinoma ovary on 18F-FDG PET-CT scanMiss Khadijah Shabbir Hussain23/01/2023Dr. Muhammad Numair YounisMedical Imaging TechnologyFMH AlliedIn Review
1180Effect of cultural competency (CCC) workshop in final year undergraduate dental students at tertiary care hospital, Lahore.Dr. Shazia Babar15/02/2023Dr. Salima Naveed Manji, Dr. Sara ShakilMedical EducationFMH Medical03-03-2023Accepted
1181Exploring the master adaptive learning process in undergraduate medical students: A mixed method studyDr. Anam Zahra16/02/2023Dr. Zafar IqbalMedical EducationFMH Medical14-03-2023Accepted
1182To assess the incidence and severity of COVID-19 infection in patients, already on hepatitis C treatment (sofosbuvir containing treatment)Dr. Aijaz Zeeshan Khan20/02/2023Dr. Aftab Haider AlviMedicineFMH Medical03-03-2023Accepted
1183Acute Kidney Injury in Patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID 19): Perspectives from PakistanDr. Omer Sabir20/02/2023Dr. Aijaz Zeshan Khan ChacharDr. Nauman TarifMedicineFMH Medical03-03-2023Accepted
1184Persistent symptoms in patients after acute COVID-19 infection: A single center experience. Are we doing enough for this?Dr. Saherish Riaz20/02/2023Dr. Aijaz Zeeshan ChacharDr. Aftab Haider AlviGastroenterologyFMH Medical04-04-2023Accepted
1185Maternal and fetal outcomes in women receiving ursodeoxycholeic acid (UDCA) as treatment for intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (IHCP): A single center experience. Are we doing enough?Dr. Saherish Riaz20/02/2023Dr. Aijaz Zeeshan ChacharDr. Aftab Haider AlviGastroenterologyFMH Medical04-04-2023Accepted
1186Effects of 6cm versus 2cm resection margin from pylorus on excess weight loss & complication rate for laparoscopic sleeveDr. Junaid Khan Lodhi13/02/2023SurgeryFMH Medical03-03-2023Accepted
1187Effect of cryotherapy on post operative pain in symptomatic irreversible pulpitis with apical periodontitisDr. Attia Ashraf08/03/2023Dr. Saroosh EhsanOperative DentistryFMH DentalIn Review
1188A morphometric analysis of the hea of radius and its clinical implications on radial head prosthesisDr. William Godfrey13/03/2023Dr. Mehreen SelahuedinAnatomyFMH MedicalIn Review
1189The impact of medical education on medical teaching (a multi-institutional faculty's perspective)Dr. William Godfrey13/03/2023Dr. Shumaila Sohail, Dr. Muhammad Bahadur BalochProf. Shaukat SeyalAnatomyFMH MedicalIn Review
1190Prevalence of congenital hypothyroidism in preterm neonates with unexplained feeding intolerance: A missing linkDr. Aimen Tahir14/03/2023Dr. Rafia GulDr. Muhammad UsmanNeonatologyFMH Medical04-04-2023Accepted
1191A comparative review of oral hygiene practices and daily dietary intake of dental and Allied health sciences undergraduate studentsDr. Farah Qaisar14/03/2023Dr. Momina gulDr. Aneela QaisarDental MaterialFMH Dental04-05-2023Accepted
1192Ramadan fasting with type 1 diabetes in PakistanDr. Atif Munir21/03/2023Dr. Anum TanveerMedicineFMH Medical18-04-2023Accepted
1193Enhancing the quality and efficiency of SEQ development with chat GPT and teacher collaborationDr. Andleeb Kanwal31/03/2023Dr. TayybaGynaeFMH Medical04-04-2023Accepted
1194Activity related quality of life in patients with rheumatoid arthritisSara Aziz, Hafiza Saira Sabir, Jaweria Shehzadi, Kiran Fatima, Asma Hussain, Seerat Shamshad. Unaiza31/03/2023Dr. Muhammad HaroonDr. WajeehaMedicalFMH MedicalCancelled
1195The Relation between type D personality and empathy in medical doctorsZain-ul-Abidin31/03/2023Dr. Saima BatoolDr. Afshi Yahya KhanpsychologyFMH Medical04-05-2023Accepted
1196To assess the prevalence of long COVID Syndrome in patients previously infected with Covid-19, and its effect on quality of life in our populationDr Saherish Riaz Qureshi04/04/2023Dr. Aftab Haider AlviProfessor Arif Amir NawazGastroenterologyFMH MedicalIn Review
1197Effect of conventional rehabilitation on oral health related quality of life in edentulous patientsMiss Urooj Kirmani05/04/2023Prof. Zahid IqbalDentalFMH DentalCancelled
1199The double blind: interplay between sticky floor and glass ceiling effects on women's career advancement in medicineDr. Anam Zahra06/04/2023Dr. Tayyaba AzharMedical EducationFMH MedicalIn Review
1200Postpartum patients' and resident physicians' perspective on sudden infant death syndrome prevention: A hospital-based surveyDr. Syed Muhammad Hammad Ali06/04/2023Javeria BinyaminProf. Naveed Iqbal AnsariSurgeyFMH MedicalIn Review
1201Co-relation of serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and serum calcium with primary knee osteoarthritis in adults of pakistanSana Yaqoob Khan10/04/2023Prof. Saghir Ahmad Jafri & Prof. Safdar Ali KhanBio-ChemistryFMH Allied09-05-2023Accepted
1202Frequency of various types of odontogenic cysts in histopathology specimens in local populationDr. Faseela Amjad11/04/2023Dr. Haseeb Ahmad KhanDr. Qasim AhmedPathologyFMH MedicalIn Review
1203Antidepressant prescribing patterns and clinical correlations in Asia: A cross-sectional multinational multicenter study (REAP-AD3)Dr. Saima Batool11/04/2023Dr. ZoyaProf. Imran Ijaz HaiderPsychiatryFMH MedicalIn Review
1204perception study on determining factor accentuating caries in differently abled patients at Lahore PunjabDr. Huma Tayyaba12/04/2023Dr. Sabila Ali, Dr. Aiman ZahidDr. Salima Naveed ManjiMedical EducationFMH MedicalIn Review
1205Impact of training nurses as diabetes educators on diabetic patient outcomesProf. Javaid Iqbal13/04/2023Prof. Seema Husnain, Miss Maha YounisNIUFMH Medical18-04-2023Accepted
1206Development of standardized ergonomic maternity clothingMiss Hina Rashid19/04/2023Dr. Afshan AmbreenDr. Ayesha SaeedGynaeNone FMHIn Review
1207Frequency of histopathological grades of invasive breast carcinoma in different age groups of the patients at a tertiary care hospitalDr. Rabia Nazir19/04/2023Dr. Haseeb KhanDr Rabia ButtPathologyFMH MedicalIn Review
1208Role of antidiarrheal agents in management of active watery diarrhea in children: Observational study in tertiary care hospitalDr. Lubna Asghar19/04/2023Dr. Rafia GulDr. Muhammad UsmanNeonatologyFMH MedicalIn Review
1209Sex- And Gender-based analysis of the Effectiveness of advanced therapies in Psoriatic Arthritis (SAGE-PsA) StudyDr. Muhammad Haroon26/04/2023RheumatologyFMH Medical14-05-2023Accepted
1210Assessment o f knowledge of 4h year MBBS & BDS students about hepatitis E infection and their attitude towards patients care in FMHCMD, Lahore.Dr. William Godfrey28/04/2023Dr. Shumaila SohailProf. Shaukat SeyalAnatomyFMH MedicalIn Review
1211Frequency of maternal vascular malperfusion lesions of placentas associated with variable fetal outcomesDr. Kainat Farrukh02/05/2023Dr. Haseeb Ahmad KhanDr. Saima BatoolPathologyFMH MedicalIn Review
1212Prevalence of lingual concavities in posterior mandible through cone beam computed tomography in tertiary care hospitalDr. Maham Farooq03/05/2023Prof. Khurram AttaullahPeriodontologyFMH MedicalIn Review
1213Effects of physiotherapy on depression levels of patients undergoing hemodialysis for end stage renal diseaseDr. Muhammad Abdullah Hashmi12/05/2023Dr. Nauman TarifNephrologyFMH MedicalIn Review
1214Demographics, clinical disease characteristics and patients reported outcome measures in a large cohort of patients with psoriatic arthritis: First of its kind description from PakistanDr. Muhammad Fahad Aziz16/05/2023Dr. Saadatullah, Dr. Zaid Tayyab, Dr. Saba JavedDr. Muhammad HaroonRheumatologyFMH MedicalIn Review
1215knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding blood donation among mdical students of a private medical college, Lahore.Miss Sara Amin17/05/2023Miss Zainab BatoolProf. Seema HasnainCommunity MedcineFMH MedicalIn Review
1216Patients preference of their dentist based on their gender in government versus private healthcare settingsDr. Hassaan Hafeez Sheikh22/05/2023Dr. Muhammad Hamiz Aftab, Dr. Arooj FatimaDr. Muhammad Bilal ArshadCommunity DentistryFMH DentalIn Review
1217Perspectives of faculty and students regarding mentorship program at undergraduate level at FMH college of dentistry: A qualitative studyDr. Maria Noor23/05/2023Dr. Salima Naveed ManjiProf. Abid AsharOral MedicineFMH DentalIn Review
1218Gender Biasness in the attitude and preference of patients during dental treatment in tertiary care hospital, LahoreDr. Narmen Azhar25/05/2023Dr. Iqra Ayub, Dr. Aqiba Ali, Dr. Eesha AftabDr. Varda JalilOral PathologyFMH DentalIn Review