Ref #TitleP-InvestigatorSubmitted-DateCo-InvestigatorSupervisorArea-Of-ResearchDocument SourceDecision-DateStatus
971Maternal and fetal outcome of placenta previa accretaDr. Yumna Javaid11/11/2021Dr. Fatima ShahDr Fariha Khaliq KhanObs & GynaeFMH Medical24/01/2022Pending
972Accuracy of biophysical profile versus modified biophysical profile in determining out come in pregnancy induced hypertension.Dr. Saima Gul11/11/2021Prof. Rubina IqbalObs & GynaeFMH MedicalIn Review
973Accuracy of biophysical profile versus modified biophysical profile in determining out come in pregnancy induced hypertension.Dr. Saima Gul11/11/2021Prof. Rubina IqbalObs & GynaeFMH MedicalIn Review
974Comparison between faculty and students of their perception of E- learning classes: a cross- sectional study of Universities in Lahore.Dr. Faiza Fatima Chistti22/11/2021Dr. Mohsin KamalDr. Bilal Abdul Qayum MirzaMedical EducationNone FMH24/12/2021Accepted
975Giant tubular adenoma of breast in a young nulliparous female: A case report.Dr. Ghazia Qasmi01/12/2021Dr. Shahid MahmoodSurgeryNone FMH24/12/2021Accepted
976Comparative analysis of knowledge, attitude and practices about homeopathy among medical and non-medical students of Lahore.Dr. Sumara Rashid01/12/2021Dr. Saleha AzeemMedical EducationFMH MedicalPending
977Comparison of the efficacy of clomiphene citrate alone versus clomiphene citrate plus metformin in achieving ovulation in patients with anovulatory infertility.Dr Namra Ashfaq13/12/2021Prof. Rubina IqbalObs & GynaeFMH MedicalIn Review
978Therapeutic effects of customized ora caremed mouthwash on oral lichen planus patients reporting at oral medicine clinic at tertiary care hospital.Dr. Salima Naveed Manji13/12/2021Dr Maria NoorOral medicineFMH DentalIn Review
979Predictors of parental disciplinary practices and their intergenerational transmission in an urban city of Pakistan.Zaheen Fatima13/12/2021Dr. Samia BatoolPsychiatryFMH MedicalPending
980Booking maternal BMI as a predictor of adverse neonatal outcome.Dr. Zahid Anwar13/12/2021Dr. Andleeb KanwalNeonatologyFMH MedicalIn Review
981A survey on knowledge and perception of male infertility among infertile male population.Dr. Muhammad Nabeel Shahid20/12/2021Prof. Khaleeq ur RehmanDr. Tahir Mehmood KhanUrology & AndrologyNone FMH18/01/2022Accepted
982Diagnostic validity of cone beam computed tomography versus periapical radiograph in root canal treatment failure cases.Dr. Saood Khan Lodhi15/12/2021Dr. SarooshaEhsanOperative dentistryFMH DentalIn Review
983Clinical characteristics, comorbidities and outcome of critically sick patients with COVID-19 pneumonia admitted in intensive care unit of a tertiary care hospital in Lahore, Pakistan: A retrospective cohort studyDr. Aijaz Zeeshan Khan Chachar27/12/2021Dr. Mohsin AsifProf. Khurshid A KhanMedicineFMH Medical12/01/2022Accepted
984Hirsutism and depression in polycystic ovarian syndrome.Dr. Naveed Shehzad Ahmad07/01/2022Dr. Arzinda FatimaMedicineNone FMHIn Review
985Assesment of lifestyle profile and perception of barriers to healthy lifestyle among young nursing students.Shamsa Rafique07/01/2022Dr. Mansoor GhaniCommunity medicineNone FMHIn Review
986Covered bladder exstrophy epispadias complex with two abdominal cavities: A Case Report.Dr Muhammad Ali Tahir04/01/2022Prof Khalid MaqsoodPeads SurgeryFMH Medical12/01/2022Accepted
987Prevalence of asthenopia in individual reported during Covid-19 at tertiary care hospital.Bushra Tahir03/12/2021Ms. Manzara ShaheenOptometryFMH Allied15/12/2021Accepted
988Association of cataract with type II diabetes mellitus.Sara Iqbal13/12/2021Muhammad Hamza NajamOptometryFMH Allied15/12/2021Accepted
989Prevalence of amblyopia in strabismic patients.Maryam Fida03/12/2021Ms. Nabila ZulfiqarOptometryFMH Allied15/12/2021Accepted
990Prevalence of anisometropia in myopes and hypermetropic individuals.Hafeez-ur-Rahman03/12/2021Ms. Nabila ZulfiqarOptometryFMH Allied15/12/2021Accepted
991Prevalence of dry eye in screen reported during COVID-19 at tertiary care hospital.Ayesha Jabbar03/12/2021Ms. Manzara ShaheenOptometryFMH Allied15/12/2021Accepted
992Occurrence of allergic conjunctivitis in medical students using visual display terminals.Rooma Farman03/12/2021Muhammad Hamza NajamOptometryFMH Allied15/12/2021Accepted
993Tinnitus severity and quality of life in audit patients with and without hearing loss.Alishba Azam01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
994Hearing threshold levels in normotensive and hypertensive patients.Hejab Sarfaraz14/12/2021Miss Faiza MushtaqAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
995Exploring hearing and handling skills in school going children with behind the ear hearing Aid.Farzana Mazhar01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
996Effects of cochlear implantation on communication, self-reliance socialization and education: A parental perspective.Mahrukh Mahmood01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
997Effects of listening loud music on hearing in college studentsArooj Sadiq01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
998Hearing screening of children using audiotory brainstem responseZarosha Dawood01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
999Effects of early and late hearing aids fitting in children with congenital bilateral moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss.Faiza Mukhtar01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
1000A cross Sectional Study of Knowledge and attitude of Medical Students towards hearing loss, hearing health & protectionSyeda Farah Zahid01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
1001Pure Tone hearing profiles in school going children with otitis media with effusionMuhammad Saad01/12/2021Ms. Fatima RafiqueAudiologyFMH Allied13/12/2021Accepted
1002Association of knowledge with quality of life in women with gestational diabetes.Ayesha Mahrukh07/01/2022Ms. Rattan Kaur ChawlaHuman NutritionNone FMH07/02/2022In Review
1003Effect of Minipuberty on Growth of External Genetelia in Healthy Full Term Male Babies Born in a Tertiary Care Hospital Setting of Pakistan.Dr. Hania Anjum19/01/2022Dr. Muhammad UsmanPediatric MedicineFMH Medical07/02/2022In Review
1004DMFT score and its association with the socioeconomic status in urban population of Gujranwala and Lahore.Dr. Ayesha Irfan19/01/2022Dr. Irum NazDentistryFMH Dental07/02/2022In Review
1005Double Blind randomized control trail determining effectiveness of CBCT with two different contrast agents(Gastrografin and with liquid e.z paque 60% liquid) in clinical diagnosis of cracked tooth syndrome.Dr. Memona Amin21/01/2022Dr. Saroosh EhsanOperative DentistryFMH Dental10/02/2022In Review
1006Receptiveness of dental personnel towards medical emergencies in dental operatory.Dr. Hunain Emran26/01/2022Dr. Amenah Shahbir, Dr. Noor F Ahmed, Dr. Mayra NasarDr. Asim RiazDentistryFMH Dental10/02/2022In Review
1007The factors impacting mentorship relation amongst dental undergraduates and house officers at Fatima Memorial Dental Hospital.Dr. Maria Noor26/01/2022Dr. Salima Naveed ManjiProf. Abid AsharOral MedicineFMH Dental10/02/2022In Review
1008Effect of turmeric ( curcuma longa) & vitamin E on sperm morphology in varicocele patients.Sabah Mahmood02/02/2022Prof. Khaleeq ur RehmanProf. Saghir Ahmad JafriNutritionNone FMH10/02/2022In Review
1009Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy among Cirrhotics; A Cross Sectional Clinico-Epidemiological Multi-Centre Registry in Patients of Pakistan. The PREEMPT Registry.Dr. Bushra Ali02/02/2022Dr. Raja Ikram ul HaqGastroenterologyFMH Medical16/02/2022Accepted
1010Efficacy of longer wave length in managing amblyopia.Dr. Muhammad Suffyan Aneeq Ansari16/02/2022Dr. Khurram NafeesOphthalmologyNone FMH23/02/2022In Review
1011"My premie's plate": Knowledge and practices of complementary feeding in preterm infants.Dr. Rafia Gul21/02/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical28/02/2022In Review
1012Myths, Knowledge and practices of complementary feeding: a descriptive analysisDr. Rafia Gul21/02/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical28/02/2022In Review
1013Knowledge and understanding regarding venous Knowledge and understanding regarding venous thromboembolism prophylaxis among the medical students, interns and residents: a multi-institutional study from Pakistan.Dr. Ahsan Zil E Ali21/02/2022Dr. Syed Muhammad Hammad AliProf. Asim MalikMedical EducationFMH Medical04/03/2022Accepted
1014Dental graduates' opinions regarding dental school learning environment, readiness to practice and various aspects of currently implemented dental curriculum.Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz23/02/2022Prof. Abid AsharMedical EducationFMH Dental05/04/2022Accepted
1015Levels of anti-apolipoprotien A1 autoantibodies in patients of rheumatoid arthritis and healthy controls.Dr. Aisha Kiran23/02/2022Dr. Muhammad HaroonDr. Romeeza TahirRheumatologyNone FMH28/02/2022In Review
1016Characteristics of carbapenem resistant neonatal sepsisDr. Zahid Anwar02/03/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical07/03/2022In Review
1017Neonatal sepsis due to klebsiella pneumonae - clinical profile, sensitivity & mortality.Dr. Zahid Anwar02/03/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical07/03/2022In Review
1018Leriche Syndrome with Digital Gangrene: Is Aortic Bypass Grafting Safe In Injection Drug Abusers? A Case Report and Literature ReviewDr. Syed Muhammad Hammad Ali02/03/2022Prof. Asim MalikSurgeryFMH Medical04/03/2022Accepted
1019Characteristics and Frequency of newborns with hyponatremia in neonatal ICU.Dr. Sidra Hamayoon04/03/2022Dr. Zahid AnwarNeonatologyFMH Medical04/04/2022In Review
1020Impact of medical TV shows on the surgical knowledge of non- healthcare students in Lahore, Pakistan.Dr. Sumaira Rashid11/03/2022Saleha AzeemMedical EducationFMH Medical19/04/2022Accepted
1021Perceptions of character strengths among students and faculty: a mixed methods studyDr. Farhat ul Ain08/04/2022Dr. Muhammad Talha ZahidMedical EducationFMH Medical21/03/2022In Review
1022Frequency, outcome and associated clinical feature of early acute kidney injury in neonates admitted in NICU of tertiary care set up.Dr. Sidra Hamayoon31/03/2022Dr. Hania AnjumDr. Zahid AnwarNeonatologyFMH Medical28/03/2022In Review
1023Cardiorespiratory complications in neonates born to diabetic mothers.Dr. Saqib Aslam27/03/2022Dr. Zahid AnwarNeonatologyFMH Medical31/03/2022In Review
1024Characteristic of metabolic profile in neonates born to diabetic mothers in tertiary care set up of Pakistan.Dr. Zubda Chaudhary27/03/2022Dr. Zahid AnwarNeonatologyFMH Medical31/03/2022In Review
1025Postnatal outcome of antenatally detected malformations in a tertiary care Centre..Dr. Faiza Yasin29/03/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical31/03/2022In Review
1026Frequency of congenital malformations in setting of tertiary care centreDr. Faiza Yasin29/03/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical31/03/2022In Review
1027Variation in number of root canals in maxillary second premolar.Minahil Asif, Fatima Shahzad, Nida Idress, Ali Hassan, Amara Hussain14/03/2022Dr. Shaher BanoDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1028Effect of tobacco Smoking on salivary pH in Adults.Sajjal Naeem, Ayesha Waris, Maryam Naseem, Jannat Mustafa29/03/2022Dr. Nedal IqbalDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1029Knowledge comparison of Antibiotics resistance in medical & dental health professionals.Irfah Shahid, Sumbal Tanveer, Khadija Aslam, Aimen Abrar, Ammal Ruqayya14/03/2022Dr. Maha TanvirDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1030Is periodontitis a risk factor in oral squamous cell carcinona?Kainat Arif, Talha Kathia, fatima Farooq, fatima Akhtar, Bakhtawar Fatima30/03/2022Dr. Ayesha IrfanDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1031Periodontitis and its association with premarignant lesionsAnssa Zahra, Muhammad Ahmed, Khadija Wasi, Ayesha Imran, Mahnoor Syed Shahzad14/03/2022Dr. Afshan HussainDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1032Awareness among patients visiting general hospital about oral cancer etiology and clinical presentation.Usman Ghani, Kashf Imran, Afraz Naeem, Danish Bhatti, Momina Sajid14/03/2022Prof. Abid AsharDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1033Effectiveness of oral hygiene training on the oral health: primary school children based interventionMaleeha Zamir, Zoha Aqil, Abbass Raza Zaidi, Zartash Shaukat, Amna Shahid, Muhammad14/03/2022Dr. Muhammad ImtiazDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Pending
1034Malpractice in emerging dentisits during the covid-19 period.Wardah Kareem, Noor Fatima, Ezzah Imran, Mahnoor Waheed, Muhammad\ Salar Hassan14/03/2022Dr. Maria NoorDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1035To assess knowledge and practice of 3D printing among the dentists of Lahore.Abdur Rehman Shahid, Maheen Goryyah14/03/2022Dr. Nouman A NoorDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1036Changes in dietary habits of students after enrollment into medical collage and its impact on their quality of life and BMI.Hafiz Muhammad Ali, Maheen Fatima, Khansa Kalsoom, Maimoona Chaudhary, Muhammad Abubakar, Faizan Ali14/03/2022Dr. Mohsin KamalDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1037Knowledge and practice of interdwnal clearing aids among dental students of fatima memorial dental hospital.Amina Saeed, Tahneyat Sadia, Anas Iqbal, Sania Saeed, Sharaiz Zargham31/03/2022Prof. Khurram AttaullahDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1038Effact of social media on oral health awareness.Anmol Asad, Arfa Naveed, Maham, Nabiha, Abdullah, Maria14/03/2022Dr. Saima ZahidDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1039Management preferance of deep caries lesions among dentists in Lahore.Amna Shafiq, Rafia, Arina Atif14/03/2022Dr. Saroosh EhsanDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1040Oral hygiene among patients receiving fixed orthodontic treatment.Issha Shahid, Yusra Amin, Hammad Ali14/03/2022Prof. Faisal IzharDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1041Incidence of temporomandibular joint problems amongst midical and dental students due to exam related stress in fatima memorial collage of medicine and dentistry.Wisha Mubeen, Mariyam Khalid, Aliza Kamran14/03/2022Prof. Faisal IzharDentistryFMH Dental06/04/2022Accepted
1042Prevalence of nomophobia and its associated factors among medical students of a private medical college, Lahore.Aniq Saleem01/04/2022Hafsa Asad, Maham ShahzadProf Seema HasnainCommunity MedicineFMH Medical26/04/2022In Review
1043What, when and how children should be feed: Core knowledge assessment about complementary feeding among health care workers.Dr. Rafia Gul06/04/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical18/04/2022In Review
1044Incidence, risk factors and outcome of AKI in preterm neonates admitted to NICU.Dr. Rafia Gul06/04/2022NeonatologyFMH Medical18/04/2022In Review
1045Association of maternal pre pregnancy BMI, weight gain during pregnancy with birth outcomes.Laiba Azeem07/04/2022Nimra Kashif, Kashaf RazzaqMs. Ayesha SaeedNutritionNone FMH18/04/2022In Review
1046Impact of training health care providers on coverage and quality of postnatal care.Dr. Afshan Ambreen27/04/2022Dr. Farhat ul ainMs. Maha YounisMedical EducationFMH Medical27/04/2022In Review